Dave Rubin: Democrats send message that violence is OK under certain circumstances

DAVE RUBIN: These people that are doing these attacks, whether it’s here in Los Angeles… or whether it’s in Europe or anywhere else, they’re making actually the best possible argument for Israel, which is the place that they seem to hate the most. 

And by the way, the place that is the most progressive in all of the Middle East, not by a little bit but by an insurmountable amount. I mean, it’s the only place that has any true liberal values, any level of democracy, any of the things that leftists purport to care about…

At the broad level, you know, this is completely consistent with everything we’ve seen from the left over the last couple of years. You are allowed to attack people. You’re allowed to destroy property. You can do whatever you want and block traffic and break windows and burn buildings down and all of those things, if you’re morally right. 

And let’s not forget, AOC once said, ‘You don’t have to be factually correct, you have to be morally right.’ So attacking Jews, to link it to this, makes perfect sense…

It does not feel good… that this could be happening in America, and that we know there will be no condemnation from AOC or Ilhan Omar or by the way, even Nancy Pelosi and probably Chuck Schumer

It doesn’t work for their worldview and it’s not going to stop. That is simply the truth.


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