David Hasselhoff는 그의 개인 K.I.T.T 경매. car from the iconic 'Knight Rider' series

David Hasselhoff는 그의 개인 K.I.T.T 경매. 차, 1980 년대 TV 시리즈에 사용 된 상징적 인 자동차를 따라 스타일링 한 폰티악 파이어 버드 트랜스 암 “나이트 라이더.”

차량은 K.I.T.T와 유사합니다.. car used by his character Michael Knight, but it was not used in television production, according to the auction site. 운수 나쁘게, this version of the car does not talk.
The sleek, black K.I.T.T. car is fully functional with the brilliantly colorful illuminated dash and console that would be immediately identifiable to Knight Rider fans,” according to Diligent Auctions, which is handling the sale.
The current bid for the car is nearly $ 500,000, exceeding the predicted estimate of $ 175,000 ...에 $ 300,000. As an added bonus, if the winning bid is 25% over the reserve price, the 68-year-old actor will personally deliver the car to the new owner.
If car is out of your price range, also up for auction is a toy pedal version of the car autographed by Hasselhoff. It is currently listed for more than $ 1,000, above the $ 400-$ 500 pre-auction estimate. The auction site notes that itneeds a little TLC to work properly.
The car is part of an auction of memorabilia by Hasselhoff that includes wardrobe, awards, scripts, toys and autographed items from his acting career. The auction ends on January 23.
Knight Rideraired on NBC for four seasons from 1982-1986. Hasselhoff was the main character but the car was as much a star of the show as he was. In the series, K.I.T.T. was a supercomputer-powered car that was voice-activated, autonomous and equipped with advanced surveillance technology that helped it detect nearby obstacles.
K.I.T.T. stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand and helped Hasselhoff’s character hunt down criminals for a group called the Foundation for Law and Government. Actor William Daniels was the voice of the car.

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