David Webb calls stimulus checks a ‘travesty,’ says we need to re-open America safely

David Webb calls stimulus checks a 'travesty,' says we need to re-open America safely

The potential 코로나 바이러스 stimulus check increase 이다 “a travesty,” Fox News contributor David Webb told여우 & Friends First” 월요일에, stressing that he believes what is really neededis to reopen America.

The fact is that what America doesn’t really need is a pittance from our tax dollars that we sent to the federal government to come back to us minus real money,” 그만큼 Fox Nation host 추가. “What we need is to reopen America, reopen America safely.

월요일에, House lawmakers are returning to Washington, D.C., to vote on raising stimulus checks to $ 2,000, something that 트럼프 대통령 그리고 집 Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D- 칼리프., have pushed for and many Democrats and some Republicans have supported.

As president, I have told Congress that I want far less wasteful spending and more money going to the American people in the form of $ 2,000 checks per adult and $ 600 per child,” Trump said in a 성명서 issued by White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere on Sunday.

President Trump objected to foreign aid in the spending provision of the combination measure – even though the president requested much of that money in his budget request sent to Congress earlier this year. Many Republicans opposed any stimulus checks, but after wrangling, the sides settled on $ 600 체크 무늬. 지난주, Trump demanded $ 2,000 direct payments and refused to sign the legislation into law.

House Democrats then prepped a bill to provide for $ 2,000 payment checks. This bill is expected to be on the floor late Monday.


We’ve learned a lot about the virus. Businesses are able to make the adjustments locally,” Webb noted on Monday.

He also addressed concern from critics who believe the stimulus checks will go to people who don’t need the money or who shouldn’t get the money.

There are a lot of people out there who will have to pay back the money. You know who they are? All of the taxpayers, our children, our grandchildren,” Webb said.

We’re literally spending our way into more poverty and more debt as a country. That’s not fair.

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Fox News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report.

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