Dayton mass shooter acted alone in 2019 attack and was fueled by an 'enduring fascination with mass violence,' FBI says

The FBI in Cincinnati said Monday that an investigation into the 2019 Dayton, Ohio, mass shooting found the gunman acted alone and was not aligned with a specific ideological group.

The evidence from the extensive investigation indicated the perpetrator, Connor Betts, was solely responsible for the injuries and deaths that were a result of his actions. He acted alone and was not directed by any organization or aligned to any specific ideological group,” il investigative report dice.
Betts licenziato 41 colpi inside Dayton’s popular Oregon District on August 4, 2019. He killed his sister, Megan Betts, 22, and eight others, ha detto la polizia. Twenty-seven people were injured in the attack before patrol officers killed Betts just 30 seconds after he opened fire.
      As far as motive, Betts was consumed by anenduring fascination with mass violence,” the FBI found.
        The investigation revealed the attacker fantasized about mass shootings, serial killings, and murder-suicide for at least a decade without sharing specific details with friends or family,” dice il rapporto.
          This obsession, l'FBI dice, combined with a long battle with mental health issues andthe successive loss of significant stabilizing anchorseventually led to Bettsdecision to plan and commit a mass shooting.
          The FBI said its investigation also revealed Bettslikely violated federal law by lying about his drug use in early 2019 when he purchased the firearm used in the attack.
            Betts acquired the materials for his attack on the internet and was assisted by aknown associate,” ha detto l'FBI.
            The FBI identified Bettsassociate as Ethan Kollie. Kollie was arrested for illegal possession of certain firearms, including the gun used in the Dayton attack, and for lying on a firearms transaction record ATF form, ha detto l'FBI. Kollie pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 32 months in prison in February 2020.

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