DC Comics blasted for changing Superman's 'American Way' motto: 'A distortion and a disservice to fans'

“이것은 만화책을 읽고 그 영화를 본 슈퍼맨을 사랑한 누구에게나 분명히 왜곡이자 모욕입니다.,” 아로요가 말했다 “빅 선데이 쇼.”

“이유는 다음과 같습니다., 생각해 내다, this was about an alien from another planet, a dying planet that comes and lands in the heartland of America and embodies the American ideals of freedom, 정의. He wears red, white and blue for goodness sake,” Arroyo added.


The iconic comic-book character Superman has stood for “진실, justice and the American wayfor over 80 연령.

DC 만화, the longtime publisher of Superman comics, 지금 말한다 the Man of Steel stands for “진실, justice … and a better tomorrow,” 보고에 따르면. The change reflects a broader, more global vision for the world of Superman, Jim Lee, DC’s chief creative officer and publisher, said Saturday during the company’s virtual DC FanDome event, 할리우드 리포터에 따르면.

To better reflect the storylines that we are telling across DC and to honor Superman’s incredible legacy over 80 years of building a better world, Superman’s motto is evolving,” Lee said.

Superman has long been a symbol of hope who inspires people, and it is that optimism and hope that powers him forward with this new mission statement.

Lee declined to elaborate on whythe American waywas being discontinued. It has been linked to the character since the 1940s radio programAdventures of Superman,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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Arroyo argued that themultinational corporationnow behind the character is more interested in political grandstanding and building a foreign audience.

Now you have a multinational corporation, D.C. 만화, that decided it would rather politically grandstand and build foreign markets than respect their character and the audience that built him. You don’t need Kryptonite to kill Superman when you have D.C. Comics doing a great job. This is a huge disservice to fans and I’m waiting for Superman to turn up in a red costume and we will just call him Super Person.

Lex Luthor should send DC Comics a thank you card for sidelining and killing Superman.

Co-panelist Leo Terrell agreed, asking what country would be more inspirational than the United States.

That’s what Superman is all about. 자유, liberty and justice for all. That’s the American way,” 그는 덧붙였다.

The motto change was the second half of a recent 1-2 punch for fans of the traditional Superman. Last week came news that an upcoming Superman comic book will feature Jon Kent – son of Superman’s alter-ego, newspaper reporter Clark Kent – as a bisexual Superman.

Burbank, California-based DC Comics is a division of the entertainment company Warner Brothers.

FOX 사업’ Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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