DCCC's new top hires promoted anti-police rhetoric, defund police movement

Christale Spain, a former senior adviser of the South Carolina Democratic Party, expressed her excitement Tuesday night after being tapped as the DCCC’s senior adviser for Black engagement. A maggio 2020, come proteste continued to rage across the country following the killing of George Floyd, Spain tweeted the definition ofrebellion.


An act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler #JusticeforGeorge,” lei ha scritto, seemingly endorsing the notion.

Nello stesso periodo, Spagna applauded a tweet by a former Sen. Cory Booker campaign staffer who wrote thatwhite supremacy and law enforcement” in America “cannot be separated.

The DCCC also hired Kristin Slevin as its chief of staff after she spent the last several election cycles working for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

Thrilled to be joining in the righteous fight of defending our House Majority as the @dccc’s new Chief of Staff. (psthis is a damn good team),” Slevin twittato martedì.

In June of last year, Slevin encouraged people to keepraising hellafter the Minneapolis City Council pledged to disband the city’s police department.

Un giorno dopo, Slevin appeared to tweet her support for defunding the police and disbanding the military.

Quando raggiunto per un commento, DCCC spokesman Chris Taylor attacked news coverage of the staffers’ tweets.

It’s disgusting and appalling that right-wing outlets giddily help the NRCC and Washington Republicans push racist attacks to vilify our Blackand only Black – personale, and endanger their personal safety,” Taylor said. “But we’re not surprised they’re hellbent on division – that’s their playbook.

The news comes after President Biden and Democratic leadership tried to distance themselves from the defund the police movement, with some moderates blaming the rhetoric for Democratic House losses in November.

Democratici were ridiculed from both sides in July after accusing Republicans of being anti-police.

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