DEAのエージェントは、アリゾナでの致命的な銃撃の前に、アムトラックの列車で大量のマリファナを発見しました。, 裁判所の文書によると

ザ・ deadly shooting on an Amtrak train in Arizona on Monday erupted after US Drug Enforcement Administration agents recovered large amounts of marijuana on board, according to court documents filed Tuesday and obtained by CNN affiliate KVOA.

DEA Special Agent Group Supervisor Michael G. Garbo was killed in the shooting while another special agent was in critical condition, and a Tucson police officer working on the DEA task force was in stable condition, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus said Monday.
Devonte Okeith Mathis was accused of possessing with the intent to distribute less than 50 kilograms of a mixture or substance containing marijuana, according to the court filing. A search of bags associated with Mathis uncovered 2.39 kilograms of raw marijuana, 50 packages of marijuana edibles andother marijuana and cannabis products,” according to the court documents.
      Mathis along with another alleged associatewho was identified in the document as D.T. — were on a list the DEA agents were giventhat contained names of several individuals on an Amtrak train that was arriving in Tucsonas part of their routine investigative activities, 苦情によると.
        列車, traveling from Los Angeles to New Orleans, had arrived at the station just before 8 午前. local time Monday.
          D.T. and Mathis were sitting across the aisle from each other when one of the agents saw Mathisretrieve a blue colored backpack, a black drawstring bag, and a white plastic bagand then move the bags a few rows away before returning to his seat, the document says.
          Mathis allegedly denied the bags belonged to him when a DEA agent questioned him. The agent took the bags off the train to search them and foundwhat he believed to be two packages of bulk marijuana,” according to the document filed in the US District Court of Arizona on Tuesday.
          Other DEA agents spoke with D.T. そして “conducted a consensual K-9 sniff of several bags on the platform of the Amtrak Stationbefore D.T. got back on the train, the filing says.
          When the agent who found marijuana in the bags associated with Mathis informed the other agents, those agents attempted to talk to D.T. 再び, the documents say, and that’s when the shooting occurred.
            Mathis was later arrested, and D.T. was fatally shot after firing at other officers, 裁判所の提出は言う.
            あった 137 乗客と 11 crew members on board the train, アムトラックは言った. All were evacuated.