Dean Cain reacts to Alec Baldwin's ABC interview: 'There was negligence here'


DEAN CAIN: I’m still trying to figure out why he did the interview. I think he’s just trying to get ahead of the narrative here and go, '보기, 알 잖아, here’s the here’s what it isand maybe get the court of public opinion on his side. But you know, he violated – there was negligence here all the way through. Halyna Hutchins lost her life, and it was because of negligence. 지금, his response or his reason why he did it – pulling back the hammer – if he’s using a single action weapon and he pulls back the hammer and lets it go, that’s the same as pulling the trigger. Anybody who has any knowledge of guns understands that. …

Somebody brought that live ammunition on set, and that’s a problem. … Anybody who’s experienced, even as Alec Baldwin is, should have opened and checked the cylinder. There should have been a safety meeting beforehand. It’s standard protocol, and it wasn’t followed. So there is negligence, 의심없이. The fact that he doesn’t feel guilt? That’s a tough one for me because if I had been in the same position, and I’d done that myself – even though it was a complete accident, and I believe it was an accident – I don’t know how you don’t feel some semblance of guilt. I don’t understand that.

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