Defending French Open champ Iga Swiatek: 'Good relationship with media' can help

Osaka was fined $ 15,000 and was threatened with default after boycotting the media after her first French Open match over the weekend. It was Swiatek who said that dealing with reporters could be beneficial, による ロイター.

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I’ve never felt like I need to work on that because that is pretty natural for me,” said Swiatek, who was asked whether she works with psychologist Daria Abramowicz on how to handle the media.

Since I was even like 13 そして 14, we had some Polish media that was always interested, that always wanted to talk with me. Step by step I was getting more and more experience and I was kind of learning how to have a good relationship with mediait is not bothering me. I think the process should be the same for every tennis player.


Swiatek, who turned 20 月曜日に, won the French Open last year. She is also coming off making it to the fourth round of the Australian Open in January. She was the youngest woman to win the French Open since Monica Seles did it in 1992.

It’s much, much different when you suddenly get a success. It’s just important to find the balance,” 彼女は言いました. “私の考えでは, just having a good relationship in media, it can help you. If I’m going to have a problem or something, I’m going to tell you that I’m not comfortable talking with that.

If we’re going to treat each other with mutual respect, I think everybody can benefit from that.

大会主催者によると、大坂はこれを怠ったとして罰金を科された “彼女の契約上のメディア義務を尊重してください。” 4度のグランドスラム大会の勝者は、彼女の後にツイートで罰金を述べた. 6-4, 7-6 (4) 63位のパトリシア・マリア・ティグに勝利.

に応じて, Osaka tweeted: “怒りは理解の欠如. 変化は人を不快にさせます。”