Del Rio, Texas resident pleads with Biden to end migrant surge: Taxpayers can't fund 'open borders'

We have too many refugees coming into the state of Texas,” Vallejo stated. “We’re running out of our funds because we’re being taxed on everything. The prices on everything are going up, and Biden is just sitting there doing nothing.

In giro 30,000 Haitian migranti were encountered at the border in recent weeks, con intorno 15,000 who were camping under a bridge in Del Rio.


Many officials and residents in border towns have been overwhelmed by the scarcity of resources as migrants have been dispersed elsewhere for processing.

Thousands of migrants have been sent across Texas to cities like Laredo, which are experiencing a severe strain on Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) processing capacity.

We need for him to take control of this. We’ve got immigration laws on the books and we want him to take them and use them.

How many people can we afford to keep in the United States?” Vallejo questioned. “We’re being taxed and then we have to we have to supply stuff for them? No, it’s just not fair on us.

Nel frattempo, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced over the weekend the Texas National Guard is gearing up to seal its southern border as reports claim another migrant caravan is headed toward the United States.

That border is wide open,” Vallejo stated. “Nobody was stopping anything.

The Biden administration has come under fire in recent months for its handling of the crisis at the southern border, as encounters have topped 200,000 for both July and August.

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