Dem Rep. La diffamazione di Cohen della Guardia Nazionale è stata "piuttosto oltraggiosa": Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

Dem Rep. Cohen's smearing of National Guard was 'pretty outrageous': Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

Georgia Repubblicano Gov. Brian Kemp has slammed a Democratic congressman’s remarks suggerendo pro-Trump National Guardsmen would harm President-elect Joe Biden come “completely outrageous.

In un'intervista con “La storia” martedì, Kemp told host Martha MacCallum the thousands of guardsmen deployed by Georgia and other states to help secure the inauguration weregreat patriots.

rappresentante. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., faced bipartisan condemnation on Monday after he told CNN that the large number ofWhite malesin the Guard raised the possibility that theymight want to do something.

“Il [National] Guard is 90 some-odd% male, and only about 20% of White males voted for Biden,” Cohen said. “You’ve got to figure that in the Guard, which is predominantly more conservative … they’re probably not more than 25% of the people there protecting us that voted for Biden. The other 75% are in the large class of folks that might want to do something.


GOV. BRIAN KEMP: I saw that clip and I thought to myself, “That’s pretty outrageous.He doesn’t know the Georgia National Guard like I do. I remember vividly back this summer [a] Due, three o’clock in the morning, walking around the square of the Georgia State Capitol shaking every Guardsman’s hand … [chi era] protecting this building during civil unrest. It was as diverse a group as you’ve ever seen in your life, and they were there to do one thing and that was to follow orders, to protect the Capitol and protect property in the city of Atlanta and state assets at that time. These are good people

I just think that is completely outrageous, and I’ve seen a lot about the vetting process as well. That is a normal proccess that goes onOur Georgia National Guard, it’s unbelievable what they’ve been doing

They’ve done incredible work in the pandemic, helping with testingfood banks, now they’re helping us with vaccine administration. These are great patriots.

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