Democrat Chicago official slams police chief's message to parents: 'Lori Lightfoot's puppet'

FOXニュースアナリストジャンノ・コードウェルは兄弟を思い出します, 18, シカゴで致命的なショット: ‘ALL I WANT…IS JUSTICE

Biden SCOTUSの候補者は、児童ポルノ事件は「それほど深刻ではない」と効果的に述べました: Everything that the superintendent says rings hollow when he’s trying to hold parents accountable and telling them to be aware when our own judicial system fails us on a weekly, 日常的 — putting criminals back out on the street no sooner than our officers arrest them. The superintendent is following in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s footsteps and deflecting responsibility for their own actions and their own policies that enable and embolden criminals in the city of Chicago. It isn’t the parents who decided to dismantle the gang unit, narcotics unit and send the tactical units and detective units to go babysit monuments in Grant Park. It wasn’t the parents who decided that we’re going to work our officers three or four weeks without a day off. It wasn’t our parents who are not responding to 911 calls for two or three hours. That is the superintendent’s job. That is his failures, and he’s trying to deflect now and say that parents need to step up. Parents always need to step up, but he needs to get his own house in order and not just be the $ 300,000 puppet to Lori Lightfoot.