Rappresentante Democratico. Stephanie Murphy considera l'offerta del Senato contro Marco Rubio

Rappresentante Democratico della Florida. Stephanie Murphy sta seriamente prendendo in considerazione una corsa contro il senatore repubblicano. Marco Rubio in 2022, lanciando un tour di ascolto su questioni tra cui la pandemia, “gestione della disinformazione,” fighting climate change and for social justice.

Murphy, co-chair of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition of House Democrats, hopes that by emphasizing a bipartisan background she can appeal to a state that has elected Republicans to the Senate in 2016 e 2018 and twice supported former President Donald Trump. Murphy has hired Lauren Calmet, the former political director of the Florida Democratic Party, to organize her new initiative, chiamato “Cast Forward,” and has talked with Georgia’s Stacey Abrams about how to rebuild Florida’s party’s infrastructure.
I firmly believe that Florida is not a red state; it’s a hard state,” Murphy told CNN in an interview. “You have to have the right money, Messaggio, and machine to compete and after a few disappointing election cycles, it’s clear that we’ve fallen short.
She added she wanted to laythe foundation for Democrats winning in 2022.
    When Murphy was a baby, her family fled Communist Vietnam and was rescued by the US Navy. She emphasized her story as a refugee in a new video, saying that her parentssacrificed an awful lot in escaping socialismand said that she isa proud capitalist and a proud Democratfighting for a fairer economy.
    The comments indicated she took to heart the 2020 loss of two House Democrats representing South Florida, former Reps. Donna Shalala and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, whom Republicans attacked as socialists who were weak on Cuba and Venezuela.
    In the interview, Murphy also previewed a potential attack against Rubio, a two-term senator.
    I think the challenge for Rubio is that he’s made it apparent to everybody that the only person he cares about is himself,” lei disse. “He’ll do anything or say anything to stay in power and I think that’s unfortunate.
    A spokesman for Rubio did not immediately respond for comment.
    Murphy also sharply criticized Republicans who supported Trump’s effort to challenge the 2020 elezione, and his urging of Congress to vote against its certification. Rubio was quiet about his position up until the vote, but supported the certification. After the attack on the US Capitol, he said that the mob waslied to by politicianswho asserted that former Vice President Mike Pence had the power to overturn the election. Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, voted against certification. Murphy said she was also considering a run against him in 2024.
    I fled a communist country. I deeply appreciate the fact that I get to live in a democracy,” Murphy told CNN. “The future of our democracy depends on elected officials and the good people of this country to stand up for it. And you’ve seen Republicans, and you’ve seen Rubio, support Trump’s big lie for months. And I think they did so because they chose their own political future over the future of our democracy.
      Nel 2016, Murphy defeated 24-year GOP Rep. John Mica. But her district in the Orlando suburbs may be redrawn by the Republican state legislature in the coming months. She said she wasless worriedabout her district changing and more focused on thedisenfranchisement of Floridians all across the state.
      GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis and Republican state legislators have introduced proposals that will make it harder to vote by mail, warning of potential voter fraud, even though the state’s 2020 election worked smoothly and there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the state.

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