Democrats 'afraid' to discuss border security, says Democratic Sen. Jon Ossoff

“Democrats are afraid to talk about border security, and Republicans are afraid to talk about establishing a path to legal status for the folks who are here and otherwise follow the law who are part of our society,” he told host Bret Baier. 

“And until we’re willing to acknowledge that, and until we’re willing on that basis to pass legislation that secures the border and that addresses the undocumented persons who otherwise follow the law in this country at a time when we have severe workforce shortages, we’re going to be re-litigating these same issues year after year after year.”


Ossoff acknowledged a “serious deficiency” in the United States’ border security, adding that it is “systemic.”

Such border insecurity predates the current Congress or administration, he said. The U.S. has to “be able to know and control who enters and exits” it.

“That’s what makes us a country,” he noted, saying that the U.S. now lacks that ability.