Democrats bend facts 'to fit whatever narrative they need to keep their power': Bongino

Y BONGINO: Here’s what the life of a real Democrat is really like. Cuando los demócratas se equivocan, simplemente cambian su historia, not caring at all that they’re contradicting their original idea. It doesn’t matter. Take the filibuster, por ejemplo, this is a perfect example, derecho? How do the Democrats feel about the filibuster? Bien, depende, derecho? Lick your fingers, see where the political wind’s blowing if you’re a Democrat, and you’ll change your mind.


So to recap again, Democrats love the filibuster, then they hate the filibuster. We’re all racist for using the filibuster to suppress the minority votes or something like that. Pero mientras tanto, they’re going to use the racist filibuster to block sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s oil pipeline after canceling our own Keystone pipeline months ago because they claim to care about the environment. Take a breath. I’m sure Vladimir Putin has the exact same concerns. Did you guys catch all that? Remember that movieThe Last Airbender”? It was pretty awful. We need a sequel for that, me gusta “The Last Fact-Bender” o algo, probably be better thanThe Airbender.Democrats would be perfect for it. Muchachos, the life of the Democrats is one of hypocrisy, lies, fact-bending to fit whatever narrative they need to keep their power. Tengo que decirte, their lack of principles candidly is really exhausting.


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