Democrats' clean energy program will likely be cut from massive budget bill

クリーン電気性能プログラム, the cornerstone climate policy in Democratsmassive social safety net package, センからの反発の後、最終的な予算取引から取り下げられる可能性が高い. ウェストバージニア州のジョーマンチン, three congressional sources told CNN.

He is not there on the CEPP period. We’ve been trying,” one Democratic aide with knowledge of the negotiations told CNN. The aide told CNN that Democrats are trying to find ways to restructure the program to fit Manchin’s concerns while still reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Whatever comes through will not be called the CEPP, but we’re strongly hoping and thinking there will be ways to meet what he wants,” the aide said, 追加する, “If there’s a deal to be struck in the next few days, I don’t think there’s anything resembling CEPP in there.
    The New York Times first reported the measure would likely be cut.
      Democrats had designed the program to give utilities federal grants to increase their share of electricity from clean sources and penalize those who fail to up their clean electricity.
          Manchin has been critical of the concept from the beginning, saying it would pay utilities to do something they’re already doingtransition away from fossil fuels.
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