Democrats delaying impeachment is totally nonsensical

House Democrats want you to believe these two things — 同时:

1) The threat posed by Donald Trump is so dire that, if Vice President Mike Pence won’t remove him from office this week, 然后 they must immediately vote to impeach the President (再次).
2) In order to avoid cluttering Joe Biden’s first days in office with an impeachment trial, they may wait for up to 100 天 to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.
If those two ideas seem directly contradictory to you, 好, 好! It means you are paying attention. Because they are directly contradictory.
It can’t be incredibly urgent that the House impeach Trump with just more than a week left in his term AND totally cool for the House to sit on the articles of impeachment until the Biden administration gets off the ground.
正确的? 正确的.
The logic breakdown here is obvious if you spend more than five seconds thinking about it. Which is why some House Democrats voiced opposition to that sort of delay on Monday.
My view is no,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (马里兰州) when asked about delaying sending any impeachment articles to the Senate.

This is urgent,” said Rhode Island Rep. 大卫·西西林, who co-authored the impeachment language in the House. “This President represents a real danger to our democracy and, 你懂, obviously I’m not in control of the Senate, but they ought to come back immediately respond to this.
Why the contradictory messaging? Because what the average House member wants is entirely different from what Biden and his incoming administration want.
Biden wants to get Trump in the rearview mirror as quickly as possible so he can focus on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout and his own major policy initiatives.
The rank-and-file in the Houseespecially liberalswant action NOW on Trump for his incitement of the crowd that stormed the US Capitol last week.
重点: Who wins? 好, that depends on how much swat Biden has among congressional Democrats and how much Speaker Nancy Pelosi is willing to follow his lead on all of this.