Democrats 'desperately looking for magic escape route' ahead of midterms: Víctor Davis Hanson

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: I think every week in the larger landscape [Demócratas focus on] ene. 6, or now it’s Roe v. Wade or Putin’s price hike or the Ukrainian war because they’re desperately looking for some magic escape route. And they can’t escape because they won’t change [porque] … they’re ideologues … [quien tiene] run the economy and the country into the ground. So they look back and they think, how did we win in 2020? Fue COVID-19, it was a lockdown, we frightened everybodyMaybe that will work again … It’s pretty pathetic. Or maybe they think they can stop inflation lower by just shutting everybody back in and not spending …

Su [a] pretty desperate [situación] because they won’t change. They won’t say ‘These are [the things] … Americans are concerned about: they’re worried about gas, inflación, the border and overseas. And here are the solutions.And they won’t do it because they’re self-created problems and they won’t change.


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