Democrats in 'hypersonic' panic over the midterms and 2024: 英格拉汉姆

The old party of FDR and JFK is now more like the party of Thelma and Louise,” 主人说, 参考 1991 buddy crime movie. Like its titular characters, “the Democrats are headed full speed ahead to the cliff’s edge,” 她说.


Ingraham reported the 共和党 boasts a double-digit lead over Democrats on the generic midterm ballot for the first time ever in the CNBC All-America Economic survey.

拜登总统的 approval rating at 41% and his economic approval rating down 19%, Ingraham noted that suburban residentslike safe streets, a strong economy and strong border.

She cited a poll that foundthe most important issues for voters are inflation [和] 移民. Dems have bombed on each one,” 她补充说.