Democrats look to barrel ahead with 'big, bold' Covid-19 relief plan

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said President Joe Biden told Senate Democrats at lunch Tuesday that he wants abig, bold packageon Covid-19 relief and that he told Senate Republicans that their $ 600 billion proposal isway too small.

It was a point White House press secretary Jen Psaki reiterated during her briefingthere are certainbottom linesthat Biden wants to be in the next round of Covid-19 relief, including direct payments reaching more Americans than what the Republican proposal would include.
His view is that at this point in our country, when 1-in-7 American families don’t have enough food to eat, we need to make sure people get the relief they need and are not left behind,” Psaki gesê.
She again said the administration views the riskis not going too big, it is going too small.
    The discussions come as Biden lobbies to pass a $ 1.9 triljoen verligtingpakketone currently too large to garner Republican supportand Democrats are laying track to use a complicated Senate procedure that will allow them to pass it along party lines. Schumer said that despite Biden’s conversations with Republicans, die president “is totally on board with using reconciliation. I’ve been talking to him every day. Our staffs have been talking multiple times a day. And I believe that we will pass the resolution this afternoon.
    Psaki added that there are opportunities for staff-level negotiations on small business relief and some othertechnical follow up opportunities,” but she said that those discussions focus on how to get that relief efficiently, not reducing the cost.
    Schumer said that Biden told Republicanshe’s willing to make some modifications, but he’s very strong that the full American Rescue Plan get us through this crisis. Secretary Yellen said the Republican $ 600 billion wasn’t close to enough.
    Vroeër Dinsdag, a Republican senator told CNN’s Manu Raju that Biden was fully engaged in the policy discussion during the White House meeting but didn’t commit to either using reconciliation or not using that process to advance a Covid-19 relief package without GOP votes.
    Asked if Biden indicated a willingness to drop the $ 1.9 biljoen prys, the senator told CNN: “I think he himself wants to come down and wants to work with us. I don’t know about his team.
      Earlier in the briefing, Psaki noted that there are opportunities through the legislative process for Republican ideas to get into the final Covid-19 relief bill
      At several points in this process as we look to the weeks ahead, Republicans can engage and see their ideas adopted,” sy het gese.




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