Democrats pushing permanent COVID pandemic to continue 'big government assault' on America: 피트 헤 게스

피트 헤게스: 오마이크론은 아직 오지 않았다, 그리고 민주당은 이미 행정부의 권력 장악을 강화하고 있습니다.. 먼저 비상사태가 온다, 그 다음에 오는 것은? 다음에 더 많은 잠금? How about mask mandates or new vaccine requirements for everybody?

We told you last night the Democrats were using their 2019 COVID playbook to create a new panic here in 2021. And with the 2022 midterm elections right around the corner, why wouldn’t Democrats just dust off their trusty 2020 election guide.

How long until we see the increased push for even more mail-in voting? Universal mail-in voting. No voter identification needed or even allowed. 낸시 펠로시 named her top priority H.R.1 [For the People Act of 2021], a voting bill, for a reason. That went so well last time, didn’t it? For them.


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