Democrats pushing permanent COVID pandemic to continue 'big government assault' on America: 皮特·赫格斯

彼得·赫格斯: Omicron 还没到, 民主党人已经在收紧对行政权力的控制. 首先是紧急状态, 那么接下来会发生什么? 接下来是更多的封锁吗? How about mask mandates or new vaccine requirements for everybody?

We told you last night the Democrats were using their 2019 COVID playbook to create a new panic here in 2021. And with the 2022 midterm elections right around the corner, why wouldn’t Democrats just dust off their trusty 2020 election guide.

How long until we see the increased push for even more mail-in voting? Universal mail-in voting. No voter identification needed or even allowed. 南希·佩洛西 named her top priority H.R.1 [For the People Act of 2021], a voting bill, 因为某种原因. That went so well last time, didn’t it? 为他们.