Democrats resurrect 'defund the police' with vaccine mandates against law enforcement: ジェームズ・クレイグ

“これはまったくばかげています,” the former chief of Cincinnati and Detroit’s police said about vaccine mandates. “タッカー…私はあなたに言わなければなりません, しかし、これはすべて設計によるものです. It’s not by accident.

シアトル, 例えば, lost a chunk of its police force over the ワクチンの義務. “If someone calls 911, there will not be significant impacts on response,” the city’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, 前記.

Craig said the movein effectamounted to defunding the police. “これは, in effect, 警察の資金を払い戻す. It’s reckless, and she does not speak for people who live in vulnerable communities.

He went on to criticize Durkan for what he believed was poor decision-making.

And oh, let’s talk about Seattle. The summer of love – that mayor. She wanted to defund the police – they’re getting their wish. And they don’t have any concept of how to reduce violence in this city. It’s reckless, it’s irresponsible. And folks who are on the left who are complicit, who say nothing. They’re as involved. I’m just going to say it is wrong.


“というのは, 本当に, what’s racist is the people who live in vulnerable communities who are impacted by these bad decisions, by these reckless mayors who need to step down and resign.

ザ・ “警察を払い戻す” movement gained momentum following the death of ジョージ・フロイド. Democratic cities began to crack down on law enforcement, and some went as far as passing laws to slash 警察 budgets.

The movement proved to be unpopular, による polling data. A USA Today/Ipsos poll found that 18% of respondents supported thedefundmovement against police officers.

At the same time the movement had gained momentum, major Democratic cities saw crime surges.


If you take all the police away and the murder rate spikes, maybe you stop taking police away,” ホスト タッカーカールソン 前記.