Democrats risk forfeiting Senate majority with attacks on Manchin: 흄

I don’t know what these Democrats think they are doing when they are attacking him like that,” 흄은 말했다 “특별 보고서” host Bret Baier on Monday. “There is one way they could lose that seat if they keep after him. He could simply switch party to Republican.


그만큼 웨스트 버지니아 Democrat faced ire from members of his own party on Monday over an op-ed he wrote where he vowed to oppose the Democrats’ 청소 선거 bill and sided with his Republican colleagues over keeping the legislative filibuster in the Senate.

Manchin’s opposition to theFor the People Actprovoked outrage from progressive Democrats who hoped to push through an array of progressive legislation, including the elections bill, without the support of Senate Republicans. 대표. 라시다 틀 레브, D-me., 대표. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., 및 담당자. Mondaire Jones, D-N.Y. publicly criticized Manchin on Twitter.

그러나, as Hume noted, Machin’s logic makespolitical senseif he intends on keeping the Senate majority.

He comes from a state that is one of the reddest in the country—Joe Biden saw Donald Trump get, 대충 70% of the vote in West Virginia and so Manchin has to think about surviving in a state that’s red,” 흄 말했다. “So what he is doing is makes all kinds of political sense for him and should make political sense for the Democrats because if they were to lose that seat, they would lose that majority.

Hume noted that if Democrats lost Manchin’s tie-breaking vote, he would still remain in the Senate majority but with Republicans taking control of the chamber.

He would lose nothing it seems to me except it would probably get the Democrats off his back,” 흄 말했다.

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