Democrats treat criminals as victims and it's killing our cities

It’s easy to see why they failed. They believe that criminals are the true victims, not the individuals who were robbed, aangerand, raped or even murdered.

In lieu of jail time, progressief prosecutors and judges have favored diversion programs framed through arestorative justiceconcept. They provide alternatives to incarceration, usually run by community nonprofits, that focus on treating the underlying cause of the criminal behavior. Instead of a judge or jury determining the fate of a criminal, community voices come together and decide what accountability might look like. The criminal can meet the person they wronged and help heal together.


Progressive prosecutors from Democrat-run cities, like Philadelphia, New York and Chicago, have adopted this approach, particularly with offenders under 26 jaar oud. It’s meant fewer prosecutions and seemingly endless chances for juveniles to get on the right side of the law.

But when there are no consequences, offenders tend to commit more crimes. Combine these programs with low to no bail and the defunding of police, and you have a recipe for a crime surge.

Seattle/King County, where I live and work, is a good case study on how restoration justice fails. We’ve adopted all the left-wing solutions to the crisis, giving power to fringe nonprofits that promote police and prison abolition. It’s no wonder the crime crisis continues to worsen.

Jakwaun Shannon, 16, was placed into a restorative justice program after committing a series of dangerous crimes two years earlier. They included drive-by shooting, tweedegraadse aanranding, attempted first-degree robbery, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Is it a surprise that ideologues with a mission to abolish policing and prisons fail?

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