Democrats trying to use Jan. 6 Capitol riot to gut filibuster, pass election changes, McConnell warns

“Es surrealista escuchar a los senadores en funciones invocar a Jan. 6 para justificar romper las reglas para obtener resultados que no han obtenido,” dijo McConnell, R-Ky. “It is jaw-dropping for colleagues to propose to commemorate that by breaking the Senate themselves.

McConnell’s condemnation came one day after he accused Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., of tryingto break the Senateby gutting the filibuster.

In a Monday letter to his Democratic colleagues, Schumer said the upper chamber would debate rule changes in an attempt to carve a path for voting reform legislation.

Schumer said the move was necessary to circumvent situations like the Jan. 6 attack that could jeopardize the legitimacy of the current democratic process.

We must adapt,” el escribio. “The Senate was designed to evolve and has evolved many times in our history.HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS INFORMACIÓN SOBRE NUESTRA PRINCIPAL HISTORIA.

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California extends mask mandate through Feb. 15 amid surge in COVID-19, omicron cases
California has extended its indoor mask mandate through Feb. 15 amid a surge in cases of COVID-19 and its omicron variant.

State Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly announced the extension Wednesday. The move came just days after a report suggested cloth masks were ineffective against the omicron variant.

The original mask mandate took effect Dec. 15 and was slated to expire Jan. 15. It requires the wearing of masks in all indoor spaces regardless of vaccination status.

El martes, Los Angeles County reported more than 21,000 new COVID-19 cases. El condado informó 45,000 new cases after New Year’s weekend. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA MÁS.

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Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers seek new trial after juror claims he was sex-abuse victim
Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers are seeking a new trial after one of the jurors who convicted the British socialite told news outlets he was a sex abuse victim

The new revelationspresent incontrovertible grounds for a new trial,” Maxwell attorney Christian Everdell wrote in a filing, half of which was redacted. “According to the juror, his disclosure influenced the deliberations and convinced other members of the jury to convict Ms. Maxwell.

In a subsequent document, another member of Maxwell’s legal team, Jeffrey Pagliuca, wrote thatthe Court can and should order a new trialand that they were currently drafting a motion to support their position.

NOSOTROS. District Judge Alison Nathan set a schedule for both sides to file papers on the matter. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA MÁS.

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Laura Ingraham blasted Democrats on “El ángulo de Ingraham” Miércoles noche, claiming they jumped down the radical-left rabbit hole after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 elecciones presidenciales.

By 2020,” ella dijo, “the party could not resist throwing in with its most radical elements. They work with the press and corrupt forces inside our own government to hound Trump with relentless and baseless investigations. Y, por supuesto, leveling all these ridiculous accusations. The left salivated at the prospect of impeachment and conviction. They were committed to winning by any means necessary.

They’re now stuck with these crazy, hard-left policies and toxic people issuing unrealistic demands.

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