Dennis Kucinich Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Dennis Kucinich, former Ohio congressman.


Birth date: 십월 8, 1946
출생지: 클리블랜드, 오하이오
    Birth name: Dennis John Kucinich
    Father: Frank Kucinich, a truck driver
    Mother: 여자 이름 (Norris) Kucinich
    Marriages: 엘리자베스 (하퍼) Kucinich (2005-present); Sandra Kucinich (1977-1986, divorced); Helen Kucinich (divorced)
    Children: with Sandra Kucinich-Horn: Jackie
    Education: Case Western Reserve University, B.A., 1973, and M.A., 1974
    Religion: Roman Catholic

    Other Facts

    Is a vegan.
    Against the war in 이라크 and proposed creating a federal department of peace.
    Consistently voted on the pro-life side while in Congress, but in 2002, he switched his position to pro-choice.
    When Kucinich was mayor of Cleveland, the city defaulted on close to $ 15 million in loans.

    타임 라인

    1969-1975 – Serves on the Cleveland City Council.
    1975-1977 Clerk of the Cleveland Municipal Court.
    1977-1979 – Mayor of Cleveland. 에서 31, he is the youngest person at that time ever elected mayor of a major US city.
    1979 – Loses his reelection bid to a Republican candidate.
    1983-1985 Serves on the Cleveland City Council.
    1994-1996 Ohio State Senator.
    1996 – Is elected as a US Representative from Ohio’s 10th District.
    이월 2003 Files paperwork with the FEC to form a presidential exploratory committee.
    십월 13, 2003Formally announces his candidacy for president.
    칠월 22, 2004 – Endorses Senator John Kerry for president.
    12 월 12, 2006 Announces he is running for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.
    2007 Kucinich’s autobiography, “The Courage to Survive,” is published.
    일월 24, 2008 – Drops out of the presidential race.
    십일월 2010 Elected to his eighth term in the House of Representatives.
    일월 2011 Settles his $ 150,000 lawsuit against the House of Representatives cafeteria for serving him an olive with a pit in it in 2008.
    행진 6, 2012Loses primary to fellow Democrat Marcy Kaptur. Redistricting causes Kaptur and Kucinich to have to face each other.
    할 수있다 16, 2012 Announces he will retire from Congress at the end of his term, after deciding against relocating to run for Congress in Washington state.
    일월 2013일월 2018 Fox News 기고자.
    4 월 2013 – Kucinich joins the Advisory Board of the 론 폴 Institute for Peace and Prosperity.
      일월 17, 2018 – Announces he is running for governor of Ohio.




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