Dennis Prager: Israel-Palestine conflict is not what Left wants you to believe, it’s not over land

PRAGER: When I was in college, which was not recently, I was taught that a black cannot be a racist. And I remember thinking that’s impossible. I mean, it’s simply impossible. I couldn’t believe I heard that, but every professor who addressed the issue said that. The world of the left is a make-believe world. There is one point that I would like to make that is extremely instructive and has not been noted. And that is these attacks are on Jews and they are coming from various Muslim extremists in the United States, obviously not from all Muslims, I’m not implying that, but people need to understand something they don’t understand. The Middle East dispute is not over land. Israel is the size of New Jersey. It is smaller than El Salvador. There are 22 Arab states. There is a state with a majority of Palestinians called Jordan. The issue is not land. The issue is religion. Again, this is not what the left wants you to believe. They want you to believe it’s over land. No, it’s not. There is a big chunk of the Muslim world that would like to exterminate the Jewish state beginning with, of course, Iran. That is why if you look at the rhetoric, it’s always “F the Jews,” “F the Jews” in all of these attacks. It’s never “F the Israelis.” It’s always “F the Jews.”

If the only country in the world you think does not have the right to exist is the only Jewish country in the world, then one has the right to infer that you have something against a Jewish state but not any other state. Imagine somebody saying, you know, I love Italians, I’m not anti-Italian, but I don’t think Italy has the right to exist. You would say, sir, I’m not an idiot, you hate Italy and you hate Italians. That’s the way it works. If the only state that can’t exist on earth is a Jewish state, you have something against the Jews.


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