DeSantis-appointed judge signals Florida's congressional map is unconstitutional for diminishing Black representation

フロリダ州の巡回裁判所の裁判官は水曜日に、共和党政府が擁護する新しい議会の地図を合図した. ロン・デサンティスは違憲である可能性が高い, siding with Democrats and voting rights groups who said the map would illegally suppress Black voters in northern Florida.

Judge J. Layne Smith, a DeSantis appointee to the 2nd Circuit Court of Florida, said during a hearing that he intended to issue an order granting an injunction that would prevent the map from going into effect. Smith said the map violates the state constitutionbecause it diminishes African Americansability to elect the representative of their choice.
The order could come as soon as Thursday. An appeal by the state is expected.
    Florida’s Republican-controlled legislature pushed through the state’s new congressional boundaries along party lines in a contentious April special session. The approved map, put forward by デサンティス, controversially eliminated two districts represented by Black Democrats and would given Republicans an advantage in as many as 20 の 28 districts.
      DeSantis contended that Florida’s 5th Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Al Lawson, was unconstitutional because it stretched 150 miles to connect from Tallahassee to Jacksonville.
        But Smith during the hearing said the district had historical roots in Black communities along the Florida-Georgia border once populated with plantations. He added that his hands were tied by the precedent set by the state Supreme Court, which last decade set the district boundaries after years of legal battles, and the state constitution, which says a reapportionment plan cannot diminish the ability of minority residentsto elect representatives of their choice.
        今年の初め, Florida lawmakers approved a different map and a backup in case a court found the first one unconstitutional. しかしながら, デサンティス vetoed it in March and later called lawmakers back into a special session to approve new congressional boundaries. The map that was approved and signed into law was drawn by DeSantis’ オフィス.
          Smith suggested the maps DeSantis vetoed could serve as the basis for maps used in the 2022 選挙.
            DeSantis appointed Smith to the circuit court in 2020. Smith previously served a county judge appointed in 2015 by then-Gov. リック・スコット, WHO, like DeSantis, is a Republican.
            This headline and story have been updated.