Deshaun Watson needs a diaper change, Super Bowl-winning head coach says

Deshaun Watson needs a diaper change, Super Bowl-winning head coach says

Deshaun Watson has been the target of trade rumors since the Houston Texans’ 2020 season ended earlier this month and his future with the organization is cloudy at this point.

Super Bowl-winning head coach Dick Vermeil wasn’t having any of it. He told TMZ体育 on Wednesday that Watson was being a baby.


I think they change his diapers, 好?” Vermeil said of what the Texans should do moving forward. “Nowhere in his contract does it say that he’s involved in making the decisions of who coaches or who leads the organization.

他加了: “He’s a great NFL football player and always has been a great kid, but I think he just shuts his mouth and becomes a better football player and lead the football team and let the leaders of the organization lead him.

Watson’s growing frustrations have been documented since last year, 后 DeAndre Hopkins was traded to the 亚利桑那红雀队. Watson offered his input on potential general manager candidates, but the Texans failed to consider their franchise quarterback during the process, ESPN 已报告. The Texans reportedly didn’t tell Watson that they had hired Nick Caserio as the team’s next GM.


The quarterback has quietly met with his teammates about requesting a trade, Pro Football Talk 已报告.

Watson signed a four-year, $ 156 million contract extension at the beginning of September. He is due to make $ 10.5 百万 2021 接着 $ 35 百万 2022. He has a potential out after the 2023 季节.

Despite Houston’s 4-12 记录在 2020, the Clemson product proved to be one of the elite quarterbacks in all of football. Watson set a career-high with a 70.2 completion percentage, he threw for an NFL-best 4,823 yards with 33 touchdowns and only seven interceptions.


Watson also had 444 rushing yards with three more scores on the ground.

Fox News’ Dan Canova contributed to this report.