Deshaun Watson's former massage therapist: Quarterback never asked for 'sexual favors'

Jasmine Brooks told KHOU-TV the accusations against Watson are far from the person she knows him to be. Nearly two dozen women are accusing Watson of sexual misconduct during massage sessions while more than half will have to refile their complaints to make their identities known.

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Deshaun Watson has never asked me for any sexual favor. He’s never harassed me. He’s never coerced me into anything at all. He’s always been super quiet. The only conversations we’ve ever had, I’m usually the one initiating the conversation. I feel like I’ve been working on him for so long and I still don’t even really know too much about Deshaun, 真, because he hardly talks,” Brooks said.

I’m really here to stand up for my industry more than to defend Deshaun, as a massage therapist,” she told the station, adding she was no longer a client of Watson’s.

The lawyer for the accusers, Tony Buzbee, released text messages from Brooks to another massage therapist last week. She told another woman she stopped working with him.


Bc (原文如此) I was hearing too much other stuff about him messing with other people,” 她说.

Like other therapists and esthetician’s (原文如此). He been doing a lot the last 3-4 月.

And I even told his a*s he needed to be careful bc (原文如此) his name getting around.

I just hope don’t nobody call me to question me.

Brooks told the station the messages were taken out of context.

“真, what I meant was, is Deshaun is working with a lot of people, he’s working with a lot of therapists, and I don’t know those people, I don’t know what they’re doing with him and I just wasn’t comfortable with continuing my work with him,” 她说.

她补充说: “I don’t see Deshaun as being an aggressor of any sort and I know they’re throwing this word ‘predator’ 周围. I don’t see him as a predator of any kind. He’s always been professional with me.

Watson is not facing any criminal charges. The Houston police were investigating at least one complaint. The NFL was investigating the accusations as well.

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, has maintained his client’s innocence.

The NFL star has also lost support from sponsorships. Nike suspended its endorsement deal with Watson, and Reliant Energy decided it wasn’t going to use Watson as a brand ambassador.