Despite Trump's efforts, the transition is happening

While President-elect Joe Biden was working to turn the wheels of government to his own administration, it seemed the current President was doing anything to halt — or at the very least ignore — that peaceful transfer of power.

President Donald Trump’s appointee at the General Services Administration has so far refused to “affirm” Biden’s victory — which would begin the formal transition process. Though Biden has downplayed it, that delay has real-world implications.

Friday’s coronavirus vaccine briefing marks the first time Trump has spoken on camera since a speech last week, but on Twitter he has railed against the democratic process and refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory. 
Trump’s lawyers, meanwhile, fanned out across the country, filing flimsy lawsuits in an effort to stall results from being certified in key states including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. But those efforts aren’t exactly paying off — even Karl Rove said he doesn’t think they’ll work. On Friday, the Trump campaign announced it was shutting down a hotline meant to field reports of voter fraud. It was getting too many prank calls.
    All the while, the pandemic continues to rage. There was a glimmer of good news with vaccine development, but it’s still a departure from our current reality. 
      As we approach the holidays, the nation’s public health situation has only gotten worse. Biden, in his efforts to transition and ultimately reunite the fractured country, urged mask-wearing, though some governors are already rejecting his call
      The Point: Despite Trump’s best efforts to remain in the White House, Biden is pulling out the stops on his transition to becoming the 46th president.

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