Detroit BBQ restaurant’s stolen, 26-foot truck found stripped of equipment

Detroit BBQ restaurant's stolen, 26-foot truck found stripped of equipment

It seems like it’d be pretty hard to hide an entire food truck.

Thieves reportedly stole a 26-foot-long food truck from a Detroit BBQ restaurant 지난주. Unfortunately for the business, the truck was reportedly found stripped of its equipment.

Slows Bar BQ recently announced that its food truck had been stolen on Facebook. According to the post, “the vehicle had been taken from a locked parking lot sometime in the early morning.The post described it as a 26-foot-long black trailer with the words “Slows to go” printed on it.


The restaurant’s owner, Michael Metevia, spoke with WDIV Detroit, 속담, “We parked it in our secure lot where it normally lives when we’re not using it. Came in and it was not there. Whoever stole it, it’s probably somebody with the equipment to do it and this isn’t the first time they’ve done it.”

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운수 나쁘게, the vehicle was reportedly found the following day, but stripped of its equipment. A post on the restaurant’s Facebook page explained that the truck had been found without its specialized machinery, and thanked everyone who reached out to share support.

Though there’s never a good time for theft, the incident marked a particularly devastating loss amid the coronavirus pandemic, as Slows Bar BQ planned to use the truck for mobile operations.

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“We’re doing everything we can to keep our staff working and keep our guests safe. So when something like this happens, it is more of an emotional blow than business,” Metevia told WDIV Detroit. “It’s more of a disappointment in people.”

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