Detroit man charged after allegedly beating women, locking them in basement and feeding them drugs

Quiyemabi Summerlin, a 42-year-old convicted sex offender, was arrested last week after authorities took down his alleged sex operation, FOX2 Detroit reported, citing a federal affidavit.


The investigation began in 2019 after the first victim reported to police that Summerlin had raped her twice and forced her to live in the basement on Berden Street, the station reported. She said that Summerlin made her have sex with paying customers in the basement and give all the money to him.

Quiyemabi Summerlin, 42, is a convicted sex offender. He was arrested last week on sex trafficking charges.

Quiyemabi Summerlin, 42, is a convicted sex offender. He was arrested last week on sex trafficking charges. (Michigan Sex Offender Registry)

At least nine other victims were found over the course of the investigation – with some women saying they were forced to find a way to escape the locked basement.

The women called Summerlin a violent pimp, telling authorities that he would threaten them with a gun and physically hit them for asking for food, 보고서는 말했다. Some women said Summerlin raped them multiple times.

The women said that Summerlin would require them to earn at least $ 1,000 a day, and would give them heroin, fentanyl and crack cocaine. One woman said that Summerlin would give her a plate of drugs after the johns left the home, 진술서에 따르면.

Summerlin would listen to the women using baby monitors and take naked photos of them to use for advertisements, 경찰은 말했다.

Police executed a search warrant on Oct. 14 and found two women in the basement of the home, 보고서는 말했다. One woman said she had been there for three months, the other said she was there for three days. Both said Summerlin gave them drugs while being kept in the basement, where they had sex for money.

Police searched the home and found a loaded shotgun behind a couch and two bags of what tested for fentanyl and cocaine. Summerlin claimed he had the shotgun for protection.

Summerlin was arrested and charged with maintaining a drug home, and drug and gun crimes, in addition to sex trafficking by force.

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