Devin Nunes said he has Covid-19 antibodies

워싱턴 대표. Devin Nunes of California, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, 금요일에 told KMJ, a radio station in Fresno, 캘리포니아, that he has Covid-19 antibodies.

누네스, who is a close ally of President Donald Trump, was seen by reporters earlier this week on Capitol Hill wearing a face mask.
누네스’ exposure to the coronavirus brings CNN’s tally of members of the House of Representatives who have had Covid-19 to 35, 포함 11 Democrats and 24 공화당 원. Eleven members of the US Senate, two Democrats and nine Republicans, have also tested positive for the virus or antibodies since the start of the pandemic.
누네스’ announcement comes amid the latest surge in coronavirus cases, which appears to hitting all parts of the country. 이상 200,000 new infections were reported Thursday 미국에서.
    Congress is trying to find consensus for a Covid relief package it can attach to a spending bill that must pass by December 18, but so far a deal has eluded negotiators.

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