Dianne Feinstein says she backs Padilla to replace Harris in Senate

워싱턴 민주당 센. Dianne Feinstein said she backs California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to fill Kamala HarrisUS Senate seat when she is sworn in as vice president in January.

My sense is that he’s going to represent California very well,” Feinstein, the senior senator from California, said on Capitol Hill, adding that he willbring Hispanic representation to the Senate for the first time.Padilla would be the first Hispanic senator from California if appointed.
Feinstein said she has told the state’s Gov. 개빈 뉴섬, a fellow Democrat, she supports Padilla.
He is someone I’d be very happy to work with,” 그녀가 말했다.
    A Massachusetts Institute of Technology mechanical engineering graduate, Padilla, 47, worked 25 years ago as an aide to Feinstein and then-Assemblymember, now-Rep. Tony Cárdenas. Padilla then served as Los Angeles City Council president during the September 11, 2001, 공격, and as a California state senator focused on combating climate change and broadband access .
      Padilla told CNN he washonored to be under consideration.
      CNN 이전에보고 된 the Congressional Hispanic Caucuspolitical arm, which is known as BOLD PAC and led by Cárdenas, has endorsed Padilla, after a process that angered several members for moving too quickly and without adequate consultation, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussion.

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