Het Amerikaanse belastingbetalers navorsing wat die Coronavirus geword het, befonds? Lawrence Jones en Steve Hilton reageer

LAWRENCE JONES: Die media begin stadigaan vang. Vandat hy verlede jaar op die nasionale toneel uitgebars het, Dr. Anthony Fauci het een van die mees herkenbare mense in Amerika geword. Hy is oral. On every channel, at every briefing. He’s even on every cover of every magazine…and every time he’s on, he’s doing his best to inform the American people about the status of the pandemic. And he’s never been wrong. Nie een keer nie. Not about masks. Not about social distancing. And certainly not when he said we only needed two weeks to slow the spread.

In the eyes of the left and the media, Dr. Fauci is untouchable. Criticize Fauci, and you’ll be smeared as being anti-science. Question the origin of the Coronavirus and say it may have come from a lab, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

STEVE HILTON: The reason it’s so important that we do question all of this is not anything personal against Dr. Fauci. No one, least of all me, has ever said that he tried to do anything deliberately. That he would ever cause harm deliberately. He has dedicated his entire life to fighting disease. Maar, the point is, his research, that he actually argued for a decade ago, that it was a ‘risk worth taking,’ his words, to engineer dangerous viruses in the laboratory in order to learn how to fight them, he has funded the kinds of research as we have documented…that actually is directly caused, directly related to the pandemic virus that leaked from the Chinese lab.

You can blame the Chinese government for allowing the virus to leak. You can blame them for the cover-up. The question we have to ask is whether U.S. taxpayers were actually paying for the research that eventually ended up as the pandemic virus. If there’s even a remote possibility that that’s the case, then we should investigate it.


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