Disney announces 'first-of-its-kind' collaboration with African entertainment company

Fed up with non-Africans telling African stories, three friends from Nigeria and Uganda created Kugali Media 에 2017 to tell stories out of the continent.

Through the entertainment company, the friendsTolu Olowofoyeku, Hamid Ibrahim, and Fikayo Adeolacreated a comic book collection calledIwaju”, set in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria’s capital city.
지금, “Iwaju” — which roughly translates tothe future” 에 Yoruba language spoken in West Africahas been picked up as a new TV series by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
디즈니 발표 yesterday that the animated series will premiere on its Disney+ streaming platform in 2022, 그것을 호출 “first-of-its-kind collaboration.”
    While more specific details about the show are not yet available, Disney Animation StudiosChief Creative Officer, Jennifer Lee, said it will explore themes of “수업, innocence and challenging the status quo.
      Speaking about Kugali, Lee 님이 추가했습니다 “their talents as storytellers blew us away.
      This is not the first time Disney has partnered with African entertainment companies. 9 월, the studio teamed up with Nigeria’s FilmOne entertainment to distribute Disney-owned films in English-speaking West Africa.

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