Disney is 'worse than silent' on China's Uyghur genocide: Sy. Katoen

Remember a couple years back, they actually thanked the government of Xinjiang province in China, where they are systematically trying to exterminate a religious and ethnic minority, putting millions of them in concentration camps,” he told host Laura Ingraham.

So Disney is actually worse than silent on China. Disney has gone out of its way to thank the Chinese communist officials who are perpetrating a genocide.


Cotton reacted to a report that China has been harvesting organs from prisoners, some of whom were potentially still alive when the alleged harvesting began.

He called itgrotesque,” saying many of the victims were political prisoners whodon’t toe the party line.

“Maar natuurlik, corporations like Disney and the NBA are more concerned about their bottom line [as] they are taking a genuine, principled stand,” hy het gesê.

Hulle is “more than happyto disparage Republican constituents and politicians alike if they think doing so will broaden their appeal to the Left.