Disney 'making a terrible miscalculation' on Florida parental rights bill: Castillo

I think they’re making a terrible miscalculation that … ultimately, maybe will be bad for business,” he told host Laura Ingraham.

DISNEY INJECTING QUEERNESS INTO CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING: Hulle het selfs die Nation of Islam-stigter se agterkleinseun gehuur om die maatskappy rassisties te noem

The Republican Florida congressional candidate explained that LGBT politics found its way into children’s content because thesqueaky wheel gets the grease.

And the small minority within the Walt Disney Company that’s part of the LGBT community are screaming the loudest. They’re being the loudest, they’re being the most vocal.

” ... [W]hy would you want to work at a company where the company essentially thinks that you’re a bigot?” Ingraham asked. “What they said essentially about Ron DeSantis and all the activists who supported what Disney did was that Ron DeSantis was a bigot.

Disney doesnot think that traditional Americans should have a seat at the table or frankly, even be on corporate boards,” sy het gese, adding it’sjust the tip of the iceberg, and corporate America is going to be in for a rude awakening.