DJ Marshmello's $  350,000 vragmotor gesteel en vir 'n jagtog in Los Angeles geneem

DJ Marshmello’s truck was finally recovered hours after the suspect stole it from the dealership and took it for a joyride around Los Angeles.

Die voorval het Woensdag omstreeks plaasgevind 6:30 nm., volgens to CNN affiliate KCAL. Marshmello, whose real name is Christopher Comstock, was the owner of the Ford F-550, valued at around $ 350,000. His manager dropped the car off at a Ford dealership for service, KCAL reported, where the suspect approached via bike and drove away with it.
The car was seen hours later, and a pursuit ensuedwith the California Highway Patrol receiving the dispatch around 9:30 nm., according to the police report. As the truck entered southbound on US-101 freeway, CHP was in pursuit.
With the help of an airship, the suspect was stopped just about 30 minute later, when he collided into a light pole on Coldwater Canyon Avenue, the police report said.
    The suspect has been taken into custody, lui die verslag.
    Marshmello has not spoken out about the incident publicly. CNN has reached out for further comment.

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