DNA将监狱中的两名男子与冷案联系起来 1983 最初把错误的人送进监狱是因为 37 年份

在新发现的 DNA 样本的帮助下,两名在佛罗里达监狱因谋杀被判无期徒刑的男子与另外两起谋杀案有关, 这导致另一名不正当服务的人被免罪 37 years in prison for the rape and murder of Barbara Grams in 1983.

Amos Robinson and Abron Scott allegedly raped and murdered 19-year-old Grams, whose beaten body was found behind a dental office in Tampa Heights on August 18, 1983, Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren said during a news conference Thursday after he was suspended as the state attorney by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his stance against criminalizing abortion providers.
A grand jury indicted Robinson and Scott Thursday for the rape and murder of Linda Lansen, whose beaten body was found in Town and Country in July 1983 in bushes with a gunshot wound to the head, 沃伦说.
      These two men not only robbed me, but they robbed a 7-year-old little girl of her mother,” said Linda Sheffield, Lansen’s niece, during Thursday’s news conference.
        When they’re initially murdered, the shock is there, 但 39 years later the shock is no longer there,” 她说. “But the void stays, and the pain stays and the crying stays. It doesn’t go away.
          Robinson and Scott are also subjects of other cold case investigations from the same time period in the Tampa Bay area, 沃伦说.
          We now know that these two men carried out a sinister spree of rape and murder in Tampa Bay in the summer and fall of 1983,” 沃伦说.
          It is unclear if Robinson and Scott have attorneys at this time.

          DNA evidence leads to exoneration and new conviction

          在 2018, Warren’s office created a Conviction Review Unit to help overturn and prevent wrongful convictions. 两年后, Robert DuBoise, 谁花了 37 years in prison for Gramsrape and murder, was exonerated.
          Our investigation found DNA evidence that established Robert did not murder Barbara Grams; 然而, that DNA evidence did provide new leads and launched a fresh investigation,” 沃伦说.
          The DNA sample that did not contain material from DuBoise was run through a national database containing DNA samples of convicted felons and led investigators to Scott and Robinson, who were already serving life sentences in a Florida prison for a murder they committed in Pinellas County in October of 1983, 沃伦说.
          Robert DuBoise outside his home in Tampa, 佛罗里达, 在十月 2020.

          有了这些信息, investigators were able to build a case for Gramsmurder and open a cold case investigation into Lansen’s murder.
          At the time of DuBoise’s trial, there wasn’t any physical or circumstantial evidence connecting DuBoise to the attack, 根据 The Florida Innocence Project.
            Before his conviction, he was transported to Hillsborough County Jail. A jailhouse informant who spoke with DuBoise later testified falsely that DuBoise had confessed to the crime during his jail stay, The Florida Innocence Project said.
            I am sad for the families who have waited so long to get true closure,” DuBoise told CNN Friday. “我消费 37 years imprisoned for a crime I was totally innocent. This is what happens when the police focus on the wrong person, make up evidence to fit their theory and don’t investigate to find the truth. Lives are ruined and communities are less safe.




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