Dodge Charger cop cars are going 'Mad Max' in Australia

The four-door police car will soon be tested by Australian police for use in the service, reports.


SCD Remanufactured Vehicles is converting two of the muscular sedans to right-hand-drive and will loan them to the Federal Police and Queensland Police for evaluation.

Australian law enforcement has historically used locally-built vehicles from Ford and GM’s Holden division, but both stopped producing cars in the country a few years ago and some departments have switched to alternatives that include pricey BMW and Kias that weren’t intended for the purpose.

Mel Gibson’s character “Mad Max” famously drove a custom Ford Falcon that was originally a patrol car used by the Victoria Police.

(Kennedy Miller Productions)

“In America the Dodge Charger is specifically built for police work,” SCD co-owner Eddie Kocwa said.

“That means there is very little that needs to be done beyond shifting the steering wheel to the right-hand side of the car.”

The first converted cars use V6 engines, but the Charger Pursuit is also available with a V8 that makes it one of the highest-performance cop cars in the U.S.




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