DOJ refers former Capitol riot prosecutor for internal investigation after '60 Minutes' interview

The Justice Department has referred former acting Washington US Attorney Michael Sherwin’s unapproved interview con “60 Minuti” domenica sui casi di rivolta del Campidoglio al suo Ufficio di responsabilità professionale, a department lawyer said in court on Tuesday.

Rules and procedures were not complied withwhen Sherwin did the interview, said John Crabb, Jr., a leading criminal prosecutor for the US Attorney’s Office in DC.
In tribunale, DC District Judge Amit Mehta strongly warned the Justice Department and defense attorneys in the Oath Keepers conspiracy Capitol riot case not to talk to the media.
      Mehta had called an emergency hearing Tuesday with lawyers in the case, following a New York Times story about sedition charges potentially in the works, and Sherwin’s interview with “60 Minutes.
        The government, quite frankly, in my view, should know better,” Mehta said. “This case will not be tried in the media.
          Mehta added that he wouldn’t hesitate in the future to put a gag order on the high-profile case.
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