Dolly Parton ha ricevuto la sua prima dose del vaccino Covid-19

Dolly Parton is showing everyone how it’s done by receiving her first Covid-19 vaccination shot.

The country music star got the shot at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and recorded the whole thing in a video posted to her Twitter account on Tuesday.
The four-minute clip shows Parton sitting in a chair at the facility. She begins by sharing updated lyrics to her hit song “Jolene” to match the occasion.
Vaccine, vaccino, vaccino, vaccino,” she sings in the famous tune. “I’m begging of you please don’t hesitate.
    Parton said she wants everyone to get their shot, even if they are afraid.
    I just wanted to encourage everybody because the sooner we get to feeling better the sooner we get back to normal,” Parton said.
    The doctor is then called over and they go through the whole process of the vaccination.
    It didn’t take this long to film ‘9 to 5’,” ha scherzato. “I’ve been waiting since December; I’ve been in line.
      L'anno scorso, Parton gave a $ 1 million donation to Covid-19 research, which was partly used to fund Moderna’s then-promising vaccine.
      I did it! I did it!” she squealed when the process was complete.




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