Dolphins' Brian Flores has advice for Tua Tagovailoa after 5-interception minicamp session

Harsh weather contributed to difficult playing conditions for the second-year quarterback but Flores knows his team will need to be prepared for anything.


We could end up playing in that type of weather,” 그는 말했다, 통하다 The Miami-Herald. “It’s really as simple as that. I think we need to be prepared to play in that type of weather. We live in South Florida. It rains pretty much every day.

Weather shouldn’t be an excuse for that many turnovers but Flores didn’t seem too concerned about what it might mean for Tagovailoa.

I don’t think Tua’s going to go into a shell,” 그는 말했다. “I tell him [after a practice like that] to continue being aggressive. The conversations are a lot of what we’ve already talked about here — use this time to practice pushing the ball downfield. Then we’ll make the adjustments and the corrections.

Tagovailoa seemed to take well to Flores’ words of encouragement, saying that thisis the time to make mistakes.

Today the emphasis for us, quarterbacks, we wanted to be aggressive today within the pass game. We wanted to see if we could fit throws in, see what throws we could make under these conditions. We wanted to push the ball vertical down the field,” 그는 말했다, 통하다 ESPN. “There were some plays that didn’t go our way, but those are plays we can take away from in the film room.

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier said earlier this year without a doubt that Tagovailoa would be the team’s starter. He’ll need to build his confidence if he’s going to be able to throw deep.

Tagovailoa bounced back during Wednesday’s session, throwing no interceptions and two big touchdowns to Jaylen Waddle and DeVante Parker.

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