Domenech: There were situations where Trump was in the right, and Esper was 'standing in the way'

BEN DOMENECH: Assolutamente. They would say good. intendo, they would look at someone like Secretary Esper as a problem. Guarda, this is the latest in a long series of Washington books stretching back for centuries titled effectivelyif only they had listened to me.And it’s interesting to see Esper going around and doing these interviews and talking about this today. I actually have a lot of questions about the policy side of things, which I’m looking forward to seeing you ask him about in the second part tomorrow. Because when you drive down into specifics, I’m not sure that Secretary Esper thinks that a lot of the things that he’s dinging President Trump over are as effective as he believes them to be. Infatti, I think that you could see situations where the president had the right of the perspective and that Esper should not have been standing in the way as he was. Ancora una volta, anche se, this is an example of how the Trump administration was basically eaten by the swamp, devoured by the people who came in and served him, sai, perhaps operating under the idea that they would undermine him at every turn when he did something that they did not like.


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