Donald Trump said there were 'unbelievable undercover operatives' in the Florida crowd Thursday. 什么?

唐纳德·特朗普总统有时, 好, 只是说东西.

当他在支持者的大聚会上讲话时尤其如此 — 就像他星期四晚上在杰克逊维尔所做的一样, 佛罗里达. 这些线, 特别是, stood out to me:
We also have some of our really unbelievable undercover operatives, and if you don’t mind, I won’t introduce them all right, I don’t think we’re going to introduce them. I want to so badly. I want to have him stand up, bring him up here. I want to hug him and kiss him which I’m not allowed to do because of social distancing, but somehow they may lose some effectiveness if I introduced him so they’re in the crowd.
Uh, 什么?
    My initial thinking when I heard the quote was that Trump was saying that there are “秘密” Secret Service agents in the crowd that he didn’t want to identify. Which, weird.
    But actually, a bit of investigation into what led into this lineand what Trump said after itsuggest a different, but equally bizarre, meaning.
    Just before Trump nodded to theunbelievable undercover operativesin the crowd, he said this, according to a transcript on
    I really appreciate it, and we also have some others that are running for different offices in the Republican Party and we love the Republican Party. They have been incredible, they have been incredible.
    And here’s what he said just after theundercover operatives” 线:
    “谢谢, and also here is a woman who was so happy. She was tough. She was in charge of a great state, 密西根州, and she kept asking me to come back.
    所以, just before theundercover operatives” 线, Trump was talking about staffer in his campaign offices in Florida and just after he is praising Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel.

    Which suggests that theoperativeshe is talking about are likely not law enforcement types, but rather political staffers. Which raises all sorts of questions:
    1) Who are these people and why are they “秘密?”
    2) 他们为什么会 “lose some effectivenessif Trump named them?
    Trump offered very few clues beyond letting the crowd know these people were out there somewhere and thatthey are great, great champions of our country.
    The intent seems clear here: Trump wants to hint at the idea that he has a few campaign operatives doing covert activities. He wants the crowd to know that there’s something going on that’s secret (and maybe even shady!) but doesn’t want to actually explain what “它” 是.
    Doing so makes the crowd feel as though they are in on somethinga sort of secret that the liberals and the media can’t figure out. And that Trump is operating on multiple levelsthe level you can see, 是, but also any number of other levels that you can’t even figure out. That Trump may be bending or breaking rules isn’t a drawback to the crowd. It’s actually part of the fun.
      Remember that Trump’s obsession with conspiracy lies at the roots of his presidential bid (he rose to prominence by suggesting, 虚假地, that Barack Obama was not born in the United States) and is a through line of his entire presidencyfrom his fact-free suggestion that 3 至 5 million illegal votes were cast in 2016 至 his current obsession of widespread vote fraud in mail-in balloting.
      所以, do theseunbelievable undercover operativesactually exist? 老实说, who knows. Trump is totally comfortable making stuff up or, as I suspect is the case here, wildly exaggerating to make things (or people) seem way cooler, smarter and more strategic than they are. That is all in service, 当然, of making Trump look cooler, smarter and more strategic.


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