Don't forget that Donald Trump lost the 2016 debates

President Donald Trump will come into tonight’s presidential debate against former Vice President Joe Biden on a major losing streak: He still hasn’t won a single general election debate for president.

While Trump declared victory after each of his three debates with Hillary Clinton in the fall of 2016, the data makes clear that the public disagreed with his assessment.
같이 CNN’s Harry Enten noted Tuesday morningusing polling data from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research — 그만큼 “베스트” Trump did in 2016 was in the second debate when 32% of people said he won, according to a Washington Post/ABC poll.

The worst debate for Trump, according to the polls? 예, the first onewhere just 24% of people said he had won in a CNN-ORC poll.
    그리고 아직, Trump beat Clinton and became the 45th president. What gives? 잘, 그만큼 exit polls from 2016 provide some guidance.
    Among the two-thirds of voters who said the debates were an “중대한” factor in their vote, Clinton beat Trump 50% ...에 46%. (That result confirms that Trump was seen as having lost the debatealthough maybe not as badly as polls conducted soon after the event seemed to suggest.)
    But among the 3 에 10 voters who said the debates were not an important factor in their vote, Trump crushed Clinton by 17 포인트들.
    So the debates 했다 matter but, at least for Clinton they didn’t matter enough. 또는, put another way, her performance in the debates didn’t do enough to change peoplesminds about Trump (or her).
      The glaring difference between that race and this one, 물론이야, if that Biden enters tonight’s first debate with a far-wider lead over Trumpboth nationally and in swing statesthan Clinton ever had.
      요점: Debates matter. But they aren’t necessarily determinative of the final result.

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