Dr. Ben Carson: Luchando contra la teoría crítica de la raza: así es como detenemos esta ideología descaradamente racista

Recientemente, autor y profesor Ibram Kendi, creador de las llamadas doctrinas antirracistas que se encuentran en el núcleo de CRT, has claimed that CRT es un “monstruo imaginado” concocted by conservatives as a scare tactic to deny talking about race. This is clearly false.

To start, it’s important to understand that the termantiracismas used by Kendi, which sounds non-threatening enough, does not mean what you think. Por supuesto, far from being antiracist, the ideology promoted by Kendi and fellow travelers is anything but. It redefines reality to assign guilt and blame based solely on race. Classifying persons in such a manner is literally the definition of racismo.


This type of vocabulary manipulation is part of the reason this ideology has stealthily overcome our institutions. Después de todo, who doesn’t want to be antiracist?

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Contrary to Kendi’s recent claim, CRT and so-called antiracism are very much real, and are the vanguard of a radical, revolutionary movement that seeks to overthrow the established order in every area of society, including capitalism itself.

This divisive ideology seeks to replace the traditional American value of equality of opportunity with a regime that assumes all White people are racist oppressors and labels all racial minorities as victims.

While the classical Marxism from which CRT was born focuses on class conflict, CRT substitutes class for race, wholly ignoring the demonstrated failure of Marxist ideologies – unlike the people of Cuba who are protesting against Marxist failures at this very moment.

CRT and antiracism are founded on racist, conspiratorial drivel.

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